Best Mad Honey

About us

Rare Mad Honey: An epitome of luxury and premium quality. 

If you are curious enough to try Rare Mad Honey, we are determined to deliver the product you truly desire. 

We are a local Nepali brand focused on value delivery. With 20 passionate years of experience in FMCG focused on gourmet, we provide the most exotic and rarest mad honey straight from the land of the Himalayas. 

Produced by the rarest and largest bees in the world, the Himalayan bees can fly up to 4200m from sea level. The height is greater than the tallest mountain in Australia. 

Rare Mad Honey is no less than any exquisite prize acquired after a great endeavor. Only the bravest honey hunters of the nomadic tribes of the Himalayas dare to hunt for Rare Mad Honey, and only the most daredevil venture to try it.

Rare Mad Honey is a true delicacy with madness, sweetness, and enigma assorted in a single jar. Along with the madness, you also get tons of health benefits, quality sleep, and relaxation from a single spoon full of honey.

Our aged and specialized expert team makes each product uniquely tested for this highest quality assurance.

Why you should buy with us

  1. MAD HONEY THAT YOU TRULY WANT TO TRY is accessible at your fingertip. 
  2. Direct and easy shipping 
  3. Post customer support 
  4. A lavish delicacy directly from the lap of the Himalayas. 
  5. 100% organic, raw, and of pure quality. 

Rare Mad Honey- A jar that carries stories of heroes 

Heroes Himalayan Bees

Different from the ordinary, heroes are those who persevere and endure even in the most demanding circumstances. 

You might have seen normal bees who live in lower altitudes and moderate climates, but did you know that there are Himalayan bees who live in the chilly climate in the mountains above 4200 masl?

These heroic bees flourish even in the harshest climate in the Himalayas. They are the largest bees in the world, flying up to 3600 meters. No other bees can take flights at the high altitudes, which these bees can. 

Apis laboriosa, the giant Himalayan honey bees, are the largest in the world. Their body is brown to black with long yellowish hairs. The long hairs help them to maintain their body temperature in the cold weather. These peculiar bees make open hives on rocky mountain cliffs.  

Mad Honey is exclusively produced by the Himalayan bees, making them the most unique bees in the world. Among the mad honey, the Rare Mad Honey is the most precious one which provides the best effects. 

There is no mad honey without the true heroes, the Himalayan bees.

Heroes honey hunters

As fancy as the term “Honey Hunter” sounds, it is not easy to become one.

Honey hunting has been practiced for centuries, and it takes decades to become a professional honey hunter. 

The kids from the honey-hunting community grow up listening to their parents and grandparents’ tales of adventures. It is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. 

The youths follow in the footsteps of their elders to keep the legacy alive. 

They become fearless honey hunters who dare to venture into the tallest mountains to harvest the Rare Mad Honey. They climb to the cliffs barefoot, only with the help of a rope and ladder to grab the mystical red honey.

They are the heroes who risk their lives to harvest premium quality honey. 

Without the daredevil honey hunters, there is no Rare Mad Honey. Honey hunters are the real heroes, the backbone of our story, without whom we cannot even imagine being able to see a glimpse of Rare Mad Honey.

Heroes in you

We are the heroes of our own stories. 

All of us have an adventurer inside us—the protagonist who believes that life is too short to remain stuck on mundane things. 

This part of us believes that life is all about taking chances and trying on new quests every day. 

We admire you for letting the daredevil warrior in your win and for wanting to try the rarest honey in the world. Not everyone has elegant taste as you do. It takes a refined tongue to want to try a deluxe product like Rare Mad Honey. 

We salute the heroes in you who appreciate the uniqueness and enigmatic beauty of Rare Mad Honey. 


Rare Mad Honey knows that taking and giving back to the community go hand in hand. Annually, we spend a chunk of our profit on the honey-hunting community where we take from.  

Honey hunting is a risky job. The hunters climb barefoot onto the cliffs with just the support of a single rope. In this profession, they put their life on the line every day. 

Rare Mad Honey has started providing safety gear to honey hunters to secure their safety of honey hunters. 

Additionally, we promote adventure tourism by organizing honey-hunting expeditions. The inflow of visitors in the villagers aids the villagers economically as they get to provide homestay facilities. The honey hunters get to act as guides for the expeditions. We also promote women’s involvement in different community activities. We generate employment opportunities for women.