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Indulge in the rare and exotic flavors of our mad honey, produced by the world’s most coveted bees. Our honey boasts a sweet taste with a gentle tang, enhanced by the presence of grayanotoxin for a slightly bitter twist. The aroma is heavenly, with a sweet and flowery scent derived from the nectar of the rare Rhododendron flower. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind taste experience – order now and savor the unique flavors of our rare mad honey.

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Taste and Aroma: Rare mad honey, as produced by the rarest bees in the world, the taste is unique and exotic. The honey is sweet but with a gentle tanginess. Due to the presence of grayanotoxin, the honey is slightly bitter in taste as compared to normal honey. The aroma is sweet and flowery due to the nectar of the rhododendron flower.

Colour: Rhododendron nectar gives Rare Mad Honey a reddish hue than regular honey.

Consistency: Compared to regular honey, which has an 18% moisture level, Rare Mad Honey has a moisture content of roughly 24%. As a result, it has a lower viscosity than regular honey.

Processing: The honey is strained to remove larger propolis, bee hive debris, and other impurities. The honey does not include any additional adulterants or preservatives. We provide 100% natural, raw and unpasteurized honey.

Storage: We advise keeping Rare Mad honey in cool, dry locations. The honey stays intact in taste, aroma, and colour when stored in glass containers.

Harvesting Location: Rare Mad Honey is harvested in the western regions of Nepal, like Lmajung, Kaski, Humla, Dolpa, and Jajarkot.

Certification: Nepal Mad Honey holds the certification of the Government of Nepal Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development. Department of Food Technology and Quality Control, Kathmandu, Nepal.